As part of the release of the European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20), the losses from a number of past scenarios have been calculated. These currently comprise significant damaging earthquakes from the past 40 years in Europe. The losses from these scenarios have been estimated using the exposure and vulnerability components of ESRM20, together with both rupture models and ShakeMaps. The losses are representative of what could be expected from these earthquakes, should they occur today. The estimated losses from these events can be explored with this web viewer by clicking on each event. The reported losses for these earthquakes from the EM-DAT public repository are also shown.

Interested users can access the OpenQuake-engine input files for these scenarios from a dedicated GitLab repository. More information on the computation of these scenario losses can be found in the technical documentation of ESRM20.

H. Crowley, J. Dabbeek, L. Danciu, P. Kalakonas, E. Riga, V. Silva, E. Veliu, G. Weatherill (2021). European Earthquake Scenario Losses Viewer (v1.0). DOI: 10.7414/EUC-EARTHQUAKE-SCENARIOS-LOSSES-VIEWER

This work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0):

Mean Economic Loss: the expected loss to structural elements, non-structural elements and contents of all residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Mean number of fatalities: the expected number of fatalities to the occupants of residential, industrial and commercial buildings (taking into account the time of day of the event).

ShakeMap model: the ground shaking for the scenario has been obtained from a ShakeMap produced by either USGS or INGV.

Rupture model: the ground shaking for the scenario has been obtained by modelling the earthquake as a rupture in the OpenQuake-engine together with the ground motion logic tree and the regional site model used in the European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20).

Total Damages: The amount of damage to property, crops, and livestock reported in EM-DAT and given in Million USD. For each earthquake, the registered figure corresponds to the damage value at the moment of the event.

CPI: Consumer Price Index for the year of the event as a percentage of the value in 2020. This can be used to adjust the total damages from the time of earthquake to the value in 2020.

Total Deaths: In EM-DAT, this is the sum of deaths and missing.