This map shows the evolution of seismic design levels across Europe from 1910 - 2000. Maps of the seismic zonation for each 10 year period from 1910 to 2000 can be selected from the layers (under 'country data'). By clicking on a location on the map, the country, code type and estimated lateral force coefficient (for a mid-rise residential reinforced concrete building) can be obtained. The seismic design codes in each country have been divided into low codes (i.e. the first generaton of seismic design codes that used allowable stresses and very low material strength values and considered predominantly the gravity loads) and moderate codes (i.e. those that included limit state design through concepts of ultimate capacity and partial safety factors, but did not yet apply capacity design principles). The earthquakes with moment magnitude above 5 from the SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) 1900-2006 can also be displayed on the map.

Crowley H., Despotaki V., Silva V., Dabbeek J., Romão X., Pereira N., Castro J. M., Daniell J., Veliu E., Bilgin H., Adam C. , Deyanova M., Ademović N., Atalic J., Riga E., Karatzetzou A., Bessason B., Shendova V., Tiganescu A., Toma-Danila D., Zugic Z., Akkar S., Hancilar U. (2020). Evolution of European Seismic Design Levels Data (version 1.0). DOI: 10.7414/EUC-EVOLUTION-EUROPEAN-SEISMIC-DESIGN-LEVELS-v1.0

This work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0):